'They don't think it be like it is, but it do.' - Oscar Gamble

Shorten it to tdtiblii.bid, then say it like 'Tud-Tib-Lee-Dot-Bid'
You can try four different flavors of tdtiblii.bid over HTTP or HTTPS:

Sample URL: Response: Output:
http://tdtiblii.bid plain text
https://tdtiblii.bid/json https json {"ip":""}
https://tdtiblii.bid/jsonp https jsonp callback({"ip":""});
https://tdtiblii.bid/jsonp/getIP https jsonp getIP({"ip":""});

tdtiblii.bid runs dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6.
You can specify one or the other with ipv4.tdtiblii.bid or ipv6.tdtiblii.bid

*This site has no affiliation with Oscar Gamble, I just think his quote is neat.